At AJD we believe in building and maintaining a long-term trusted relationship with our clients in and around the local area. Our philosophy is that by providing high-quality, personalised financial advice, coupled with the highest standards of integrity and excellence, we will give you, the client, total peace of mind.

"Relationships are key in my view. Meeting face to face with clients, popping round when they need you to and having an easy access open door policy is important at AJD Financial Services".

Alistair J Duffy (Independent Financial Advisor). 

* Regulations, levels and bases of taxation are subject to change. Decisions should not be taken based solely on the content of the website and individual advice should be taken first.

Alistair Duffy, Financial Advisor Perth


Just as when you go to the doctor, we believe in providing a one-on-one service in the privacy of our office or in your own home, if you would prefer. We will listen to your needs and aspirations and offer a personal "diagnosis" in language that you understand.

Long after your appointment, you can count on us to be knowledgeable of your situation, and provide answers to future questions and concerns. 


The level of service you can expect from AJD Financial Services Ltd. may seem a little old fashioned, similar perhaps to when you knew the local bank manager and he knew you. 

Why should you expect anything less than personalised one-on-one attention, from someone you know and someone who knows you? When it comes to your financial security you want the best.


AJD Financial Services Ltd will always aim to work and serve the very community that we live in and get to know each client individually.