About us

AJD Financial Services Ltd was formed in 2010 by Alistair James Duffy and was established to create a financial planning and advisory service for individual investors and business owners who still want to deal locally, on a one to one basis.

We are based in Perth, and working locally with clients just now and in the future will always be a fundamental part of our longer term business plan.

We provide financial planning that is tailored to your situation, and as an Independent Financial Advisory firm we are completely unrestricted as to whom we use or the products we use.

Our Offices

Our offices are in the heart of Perth’s cultural quarter next to arguably the city centre’s most recognised building – Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Our offices nest on top of the city’s original Post Office - now a restaurant aptly known as ‘The Post Box’ - and whilst we don’t actually know when our offices were built, it has been shown on maps dating back as far as 1784, some 40 years before the museum was constructed.

There are eight offices in the building which are used by various businesses, including AJD Financial Services. If you would be interested in leasing an office please contact us to find out about availability